Asphodelia is  a  symphonic  metal  act  based  in  Foggia, Italy.  The  combo,  formed  in  2016  by Samuela (vocals, keyboards), Ruggero

(guitar), Davide (bass)   and Ludovico (drums),   intends   to   blend   symphonic   and choral  elements,  electronics  and  Mediterranean  echoes into a solid metal frame.

The   band   is   named   after   the Asphodels, typical  Mediterranean  flowers  connected  to  the  ancient  Greek Underworld:   in   the   ancient Greek   mythology,   the Asphodel Meadows was a place where indifferent souls, who lived a life of neither good or evil, were sent to live after death.

The  band  released  a  promo  EP  entitled  ’Vengeance’  on May 26, 2016, receiving enthusiastic response from their fanbase.

They have just completed the production of their first full-length album and  are  currently scheduling  a  European  tour  in support of the album release