Formed in 1991, Beheaded has breathed fire ever since. Set in Malta, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the quintet stood firm against all the odds and narrow mindedness such an environment generated. Confrontations were the order of the day. A demo tape called ‘Souldead’ was released in 1995 which put Malta on the extreme music map. Souldead was made to circulate strongly in the fanzine / tape trading circuits of the era and started to give Beheaded a solid reputation within the scene.

Sweden’s X-Treme Records took notice of the band and in 1996 signed with the label, releasing their first full length “Perpetual Mockery in 1998.The first official full length was recorded at Temple Studios in June 1996. This gained the gained a lot of momentum within the media and hit the road that summer playing with Vader, Dying Fetus, Deranged and more.

The next stage was signing with Danish label Mighty Music which released their 2 albums “Resurgence Of Oblivion” (2000) and “Recounts of Disembodiment” (2002). This saw the band head over to the USA for the first time hitting many of their summer festivals.

Gaining the attention of the USA market the band signed with USA labels Unique Leader Records which released Ominous Bloodline (2005), Never to Dawn (2012) and “Beast Incarnate” (2016). This was the point of the rise to the next level for Beheaded and became a force headlining festivals and tours all over the world!