HIDEOUS (FL) is a new old school death metal band featuring current or ex members of Death,Obituary,Massacre,Six Feet Under and Lividity!!!! Formed in late 2015/Early 2016 by Matt Bishop(Ex Lividity) on Lead Guitar and Terry Butler (Obituary,Ex Death,Ex Six Feet Under,Ex Massacre)on Bass with the sole purpose of putting out some old school death metal…NO MORE,NO LESS!!! The lineup was soon completed with the additions of Ed Webb (ex Diabolic,Ex Massacre) on Vocals/Guitar and Greg Gall (Ex Six Feet Under) on drums. HIDEOUS made their live debut w/ Gruesome in August 2016 and in 2017 released their first single “MAN SHALL FALL” to rave reviews from the fans and scene as a whole!!! The band is currently writing and preparing for global domination!!! The Age of HIDEOUS has begun!!! Be AFRAID!!!!