Southern California’s IMPERIALIST embarked on a mission to rekindle the black metal spectrum with a modern reimaging of viciously stylistic black metal. Established in Los Angeles in early 2013, the quartet joined together to create multidimensional and macabre compositions. Judging from the crowd’s reaction to their 2015 EP, Quantum Annexation, the four-piece’s field of vision and enthusiasm began to expand. Over the next few years, the band worked humbly and unremittingly to be able to share the stage with prominent acts such as Vital Remains, Necronomicon, Cattle Decapitation, Uada, and tour with SoCal Death Metallers, Voices of Ruin. Heavily motivated and ready to release new material, IMPERIALIST recorded their debut full-length in 2017 at Trench Studios in Pomona, CA. Cipher was mixed and mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams). The content for Cipher is severely heightened, with complex song forms interwoven to bind the listener into a helpless state of isolation toward the depths of the multiverse. The lyrical and musical content is driven by lore of mysterious forlorn worlds, singularity theory, virtuosic solos, unrelenting percussion, and other universe phenomena shrouded with the morbidity of entropy. To encapsulate the visual focus for the album, Adam Burke (Nightjar Art) was commissioned to design the cover art of a doomed mission facing a gargantuan cosmic leviathan. IMPERIALIST signed to Transcending Obscurity Records and released Cipher in October 2018. Combined with the due diligence and passion behind Transcending Obscurity, Cipher gained IMPERIALIST international acclaim and placed them on various AOTY lists. In drawing new fans who worship Emperor, Dissection, and Necrophobic, IMPERIALIST used their explosive technical frenzy to perform at Todo Es Metal Los Angeles Festival (2017), Dead of Winter Festival (AZ, 2019), and play alongside prestigious bands such as Sadistic Intent, Ruins of Beverast, 1349, and Kalmah. For 2020 and beyond, IMPERIALIST foreshadows the continuation of their interstellar lore. Their next full-length will feature an intensified aggression, distributing their evolution of imagination and experiences across the composition. The impending creations will cause simultaneous atomization from the forbidden truths, noxious fumes, and incalculable malevolence of this intergalactic journey.