After officially founding the band in 1996 from two previous bands that dated back until 1991 and a demo release in the same year, the release of the debut album Herbstleyd in 1998, NARGAROTH marked their beginning of an unbending crusade of provocative and relentless Black Metal.
The eerie atmosphere, an impression of an ancient and grim nature and the profound lyrics, expressing the struggle and melancholy of being a man, raised the dust not only in the german but the worldwide Black Metal scene and became trademarks, which ever since accompanied NARGAROTH and bandleader Ash throughout the band’s history.
Black Metal ist Krieg! A statement which resounded the name of NARGAROTH’s second full-length album throughout the metal scene in 2001. The album, which pays tribute to the classic Black Metal scene of the early 90s, as well as the message of unbendable Black Metal raised a cult following to this day.
The highly anticipated successor EPs Rasluka I and Rasluka II (russ. ‘farewell’) provided a deeper insight in the emotional and atmospheric aspects of NARGAROTH’s music. Struggling with the personal loss of a close friend, singer Ash expressed his darkest and painful feelings in poems, accompanied with harsh and mesmerizing guitar lines.
The 2003 release of Geliebte des Regens proved that in the deepest darkness, there’s beauty to find. The hypnotic guitar riffs, floating through gloomy landscapes of rain and illustrated by emotional lyrics caught listeners attention and became ever since one of the most personal and emotionally cherished album of the band.
After the release of Rasluka EPs and Geliebte des Regens, NARGAROTH gave those who expected the band to grow soft after their more emotional releases the middle finger and returned to their traditional Black Metal by unleashing the blasphemous Prosatanica Shooting Angels in 2004 and the aggressive Semper Fidelis in 2007.
NARGAROTH also retained their reputation as experienced musicians and released with Jahreszeiten in 2009 their most complex and technically demanding album.
The so far last full length album Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare was released in 2011 and focused more on experimental sounds, including manually played synthesizer and inconvenient song structures.
Looking back, NARGAROTH spread their message of non-conformity and merciless Black Metal for nearly two decades, traveled the most exotic places, most bands never played before and singer Ash’s maverick journey through the different places amazes and touches people all over the world.
Nonetheless, NARGAROTH is currently working on their 8th full-length studio album and will unleash the so far most innovative and technically challenging piece of their unique and vicious Black Metal in 2016