Sailing to Nowhere is a rising star in the world of Melodic Power Metal / Hard Rock

All the Band delivers an outstanding presence and performance on Stage that make every Show Unforgettable!

Melody and Power are the two elements that characterize the sound and image of the band that was formed at the beginning of 2015

with the intention to create a special sound with powerful rythmics and catchy melodies

Sailing to Nowhere has shared the stage with big acts like

Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Goblin, Dragonforce, Mago de Oz, Angra, Moonspell, Alestorm, Septic Flesh,

Edu Falaschi, Operation Mindcrime, Freedom Call, BloodBound, Saltatio Mortis, Almanac, Dagoba, Eldirtch, DGM, Trick or Treat,  AnTheos, Rhapsody Of Fire, Secret Sphere, Vicious Rumors, Labyrinth.

With the first release– 2016’s self-titled “ To the Unknown ”  ( Bakerteam/Scarlet Records)

the band is setting its sights on more diverse and global fanbase.

The band followed the release of this First Debut Album with heavy touring, in Italy and Europe ( 5 TOURS in one year)

THE NEW ALBUM “LOST IN TIME” (2017)  is a masterpiece for fans of Avantasia, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Alestorm, Blind Guardian, Sonata Arctica and it’s available  under Underground Symphony Records in deluxe digipack edition!

The band announce the ITALIAN & EUROPEAN TOURS and some big FEST to promote the New Album during 2017


– Fabio Lione  ( Rhapsody Reunion, Angra…)

– Roberto Tiranti  (Labyrinth, New Trolls .­…)

– Hideaki Yamakado ( One of the ­best Shredder in Japa­n)

– Maestro Mistheria (­ Vivaldi Metal Project)

– Dino Fiorenza (Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai…)

– David Folchitto  ( FleshGod Apocalypse, Stormlord,..­.)

The band uses a face make-up, reminding Waves of the Sea. The entire band and Full Project are based on the theme Marine / Naval symbolizing the Metaphor of the musician in the modern world as a galleon in the ocean, with all difficulties, storms and adventures to deal with.

The music is intended as a journey and a life purpose.