2003: Formed by Unsgaard and Renton, Sarkom was founded and the first songs were written.

2004: Just before they were about to start the recording of a demo, Sagstad joined Sarkom as a permanent member. The 4-track CD-R demo, easily entitled “Demo 2004”, was finished and spread around during the winter. Compared to acts like Gorgoroth, Darkthrone and Satyricon, the feedback was overall great and a new band from Norway was placed on the map.

2005: New songs were written and a record deal with Twilight-Vertrieb was signed. Including re-recordings of two tracks from the demo, their debut album <<Aggravation of Mind>> was recorded and scheduled for an early 2006 release.

2006: With its sharp sound and experimenting with trumpet and saxophone, <<Aggravation of Mind>> was released in January. Again, the feedback was overwhelming from both press and fans and it was no doubt that Sarkom was wanted on stage! A live guitar and bassist were recruited and their first live appearance took place during the summer at a metal festival in Germany with bands such as Master, Helheim etc. This was followed up with an 11 date European tour with Koldbrann and Negator in October, including their hometown Oslo/Norway for the first time!

2007: New material was written, and only a few exclusive concerts were held. However, this included the Kaltenbach Festival in Austria, as well as a few concerts in Norway with Urgehal and Koldbrann. The recording of their second album, entitled <<Bestial Supremacy – precision in pure darkness>>, started in August and lasted throughout the year.

2008: After finishing the album they had to find a suitable label to release it. Dealing with a couple of companies, they eventually found out that the best would be to stick with Twilight-Vertrieb for one more album. Sounding more raw, primitive and “back to basic“, <<Bestial Supremacy>> was released November the 14th.

2009: With a new album out they embarked on a 9 date European tour with Shining and Koldbrann in February / March, as well as attending at the Ragnarök Festival in Germany. In May, it was time for yet another release; a 7“ EP entitled <<To Ruin Something That Was Never Meant To Be>>. Released through Aftermath Music, this was clearly an outcast from what they had done before. Along with the 7” EP, <<Bestial Supremacy>> was released on vinyl through Bloodred Horizon Records. At the end of the year they signed an exclusive merchandise deal with Razamataz for some future clothing designs.

2010: Renton decided to leave the band and the replacement was found in J. Folkedal. In March, they went on an 11 date European tour as main support for Shining, ending with an exclusive gig at Norway’s own Inferno festival. Later that year, Sarkom came to the decision to expand the band on a permanent basis, bringing the live guitarist and bassist for the past two years, in as fulltime members of the band. In December a 7″ EP entitled <<Exit Terra>> was released through Folter Records.

2011: Songs for the third album were finished and the recording
started the same year. Sarkom headlined a festival for the first time; Hell Fast Attack in Czech.

2012: A song entitled Disintegrate was released on a 7″ split pic disc with Urgehal through Apocalyptic Empire records. The recording for the third album <<Doomsday Elite>> was coming to an end.

2013: Signed with Dark Essence Records and Doomsday Elite was released in October. With a new line up, Sarkom did their first gigs in over a year.