Sudden Death was born in 1997 by Andrea Pro (Drums), Marco “Pritto” Brinoni (Guitar & Voice) and Luigi Maiolini (Guitar) with the intention of proposing an American-style Death Metal in the wake of Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation , etc.

After recording a demo that has never been distributed and stabilizing the line-up with the entry of bassist Umberto Nunziata, the quartet begins a very long series of concerts throughout Italy dividing the stage with many national and international underground groups.

In 2000 the first album “DEVOURED INSIDE” was released, promoted with an intense live activity.

After some line-up changes and in 2002 Marco abandoned the guitar to focus only on the role of singer, replaced on the six strings by Flavio Tempesta, member of Disease and CLG.

The composition of the new album begins but, after a few months, Marco leaves the band for lack of interest, leaving the role of singers to Umberto and Flavio who from then on will share the vocal parts.

In 2004 the second album “INJECTION OF HATE” is recorded in which the band manages to condense the last 2 years of work into a batch of fast and brutal songs but almost immediately after Umberto Nunziata leaves the band, being immediately replaced by Dario Petraczeck. The new album will again bring the band around Italy playing with a myriad of Italian and international bands such as Suffocation, Napalm Death, Pandemia, Exodus, Brutal Truth and many others.

In October 2008 the recordings of their new album begin which however will never see the light as the band will melt in early 2009 due to personal and musical problems, but after 3 years of silence, at the end of 2011 , the band decides to slowly get back on track for a handful of “funeral” dates to celebrate the years of hard work in the Italian underground and the great passion for death metal that animated the band for 14 years. After many, around the peninsula, the quartet, in 2014, goes to work for the third album “MONOLITH OF SORROW” and in the meantime, Dario, decides to quit the project, being then replaced by Vito Trentalance, a member of Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, who will be joined by Alessio “Pacio” Pacifici in the role of vocalist and frontman, taking the place of Flavio who will focus only on the guitar.

After a few months, however, the band suffered a severe blow, with the abandonment of Flavio, Vito and Alessio from the project. After a moment of crisis, the group gets back on its feet with the entry of Gabriele “Lopez” Lupi (Murder Spree & Mutant Safari) as guitarist, Daniele Marrocco (Murder Spree) as bass player, and Luis Maggio (Bloodtruth) as singer, in Meanwhile
that “MONOLITH OF SORROW” is released on July 6, 2015 under the label “Killerpool Records” and distributed in Italy by Goodfellas and Worldwide via Code7 / Phd.

With the arrival of 2016 Gabriele abandons Sudden Death to make room for the new guitarist Alessandro “Cucciolo” Di Mitri and, the following year, Luigi Maiolini leaves the position of guitarist to Cesare Di Troìa (ex Desecrate and member of Criminal Volumes) which in turn will leave the band followed by “Cucciolo”, promptly replaced by Pietro Sabato and Giuseppe Ciurleo.

In 2018 “STILLBORN” sees the light of the band’s first EP, of only 4 pieces, produced by the Spanish label ART GATES RECORDS. The EP has a considerable appreciation especially for the stylistic change, bringing the band from a classic old school death metal, to a more modern one both for sound and for writing the pieces. An intense live activity to support the promotion of STILLBORN follows with two European tours. Unfortunately, the line up problems continue, and in the band the bassist Silvia Pistolesi (Hellucination) enters the tour, who will then definitively join the band and the new guitarist Federico Albanese takes the place of Pietro.

In 2020, the band is currently working on the new album which will be a full length.