SVARTTJERN was formed by HansFyrste and HaaN as a two-man project in 2003. The two brothers decided to bring more musicians to the band to be able to start doing some live shows and to bring the band to new levels. Later that same year Skabb, Grimdun and Fjellnord were taken into the band, and SVARTTJERN started to work towards their first demo recordings. Over the next years two demos were recorded, ‘Blasphemic War’ and ‘Raped by Svarttjern’, but SVARTTJERN were still working towards their own sound, so not much time were given to the demos after the recordings. 2007, SVARTTJERN parted ways with Skabb, and Terror came in on the bass, bringing fresh blood to the band. The band was now ready to record a three-track demo, to finally show the sound they had been working on for so many years. ‘Demo 07’ was only sent out to labels, and only printed in very few numbers for sale. SVARTTJERN signs with Schwarzdorn Production and were ready to record their first full length album Misanthropic Path of Madness. The debut album was released on the 13 of february 2009. The Misanhtropic album reached great feeback and reviews. 2009 SVARTTJERN signs with Agonia Records! SVARTTJERN are ready to begin the work for their second full length album, and take their extreme art to the next level. SVARTTJERN’s furious art of misanthropic codes and TNBM will be released through Agonia Records 2011.

Later in 2011 Svarttjern released their secon album “Towards the Ultimate” on Agonia Reacords.
Between 2012-2013, Svarttjern mostly focused on playing live shows and wreaking havoc among the people, and chose to end their bond with Agonia Records.

In late 2013, Svarttjern started working on their 3 full-lengt album and signed up with NoiseArt Records.
In 2014 they released their third full-lengeth album, “Ultimatum Necrophilia” which made svartjjern’s tracklist even more brutal.

2014 was still giving Svarttjern more acknowledgement withing the metal scene, and managed to get on tour with some of the most iconic band withing the scene, Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Inquisition and In Solitude.
After finishing the tour and releasing Ultimatum Necrophilia, Svarttjern was eager to get back to making a new album and give the world more brutality and hell.

2015 sent alot of happenings towards Svarttjern, including a change in record label from Noise Art Record to Soulseller Records, the making of the new a new record, Sgt.V had to quit the band for personal reasons
and the recruitment of a new bassplayer, Malphas.

In 2016 Svarttjern proudly presented their fourth full-length album, “Dødsskrik”, to esteemed critics worldwide and several highly acclaimed live shows were conducted. Maryland DeathFest and Party San Open air to name a few.
2017-2018 Svarttjern concentrated their focus toward new material and this resulted in less liveshows and other apperances. This period took longer then expected due to the long distant relationship we have with each other, but we made it work and we are proud of what we achieved thinking of the circumstances
In 2020, Svarttjerns fifth album is ready to be served as a dish gone hot upon the masses. “Shame is just a word” is the title of the upcoming album of 2020 and is infused with tastes of flesh, satan and misanthropy! Dive into Svarttjerns dungeon of shame and embrace the madness!