THY ANTICHRIST is a Black Metal band based in Texas, USA and showcasing extreme elements that’s been making tidal waves in the underground metal community since 1998, and has been building an important fan base around the world.

Thy Antichrist has handcrafted a sui generis style into their live performance and music, respecting the old traditional metal influence of different metal genres such as thrash metal, heavy metal, death metal and of course the Black Metal touch. The band has taken to the masses with notable festival appearances and American tours with some of metal biggest names. Thy Antichrist has tremendous potential for further growth going with the worldwide signing with Napalm Records following the album release “Wrath of the Beast”. The band has without a doubt connected with fans and created a loyal fan base eager to see what’s coming next.

Thy Antichrist Line-up:
Antichrist 666: Vocals
Abyssus: Guitars
Frost Giant: Bass
Oricuss: Drums
Wicked One: Guest Live Guitar