In VANANIDR’s existence since 2017, the band has managed to release three full-length albums, from the self-titled debut (2018), Road North (2019) and Damnation (2020). VANANIDR might be a new name but the band’s history stretches back many years – which was immediately evident once the listener was presented with such black metal of an ancient vintage.

The first chapter to VANANIDR’s story goes back to the late ’90s from the bands Hydra, which released several demos and one full-length album titled �Phaedra�, and Synodus Horrenda whose self-titled album would show the full potential of multi-instrumentalist Anders Eriksson.

In 2017 Vananidr is formed and together with drummer Thunder the band takes form as the debut is recorded. VANANIDR wasted no time in releasing the follow-up album, Road North. Whereas the self-titled debut was largely somber, shadowy, and evoked a woodland mysticism, the aptly titled Road North explored colder and more unforgiving realms. With momentum building ever stronger VANANIDR return with their third album, Damnation. With Anders again leading the way, together with Rickard Silversj� on guitar and drummer Ljusebring VANANIDR’s Damnation suitably splits the difference between its two full-length predecessors – the solemn dynamics of Vananidr crossed with the more aggressive aspect of Road North, if you will. And immediately, Damnation bursts forth with the now signature VANANIDR sound: an undulating snowstorm of whitehot melodicism, the spiraling violence spilling forth even-more epic visions. And now, those visions retain the band’s elder ’90s classicism whilst imparting a sleeker, more modern atmosphere – gritty, urban, but wolfish and ever alone.

After the recording of Damnation Ljusebring leaves the band, enter Fredrik Andersson as new drummer. 2020 also sees the addition of bassist Per Lindstr�m.
(Feb 2020)