The legendary Finnish melodic folk metal warriors are bringing the PAGANTOUR 2019 to 8 cities in Russia and Kyiv, Ukraine. Together with their return to the East, they are bringing their latest opus, TWO PATHS, released on 15 September 2017 through Metal Blade Records.

Since 1995, Ensiferum moves the crowds, small and big, with their legendary hits which earned them a well-deserved place in the worldwide folk metal pantheon. And now the storm in the pit will be even more raging than before, as the band returns back from the FROM AFAR era into the good old glorious epic wizardry!

TWO PATHS is the greatest continuation to the band’s accomplishments: it’s powerful, crowd killing and is as epic as nothing has been before it. The band has recorded and performs the songs from this album without a click track to make it more organic and sincere.

24/10 – St-Petersburg “Opera”
25/10 – Moscow “Arbat Hall”
27/10 – Novosibirsk “Podzemka”
29/10 – Ekaterinburg “Svoboda Hall”
30/10 – Ufa “Ogni Ufy”
31/10 – Samara “Zvezda”
01/11 – Yaroslavl “Dzhao Da”
02/11 – Voronezh “Palazzo”
04/11 – Kyiv “Bingo”