POSSESSED, the founders of death metal genre, are breaking studio silence after over 30 years with their long-awaited album “Revelations Of Oblivion” to be out on May, 10th, via Nuclear Blast. Already in June, the fans of true death metal will be able to see the band premiering the new album all across Europe, within club shows and festivals! 

In 1983, POSSESSED has created the term ‘Death Metal’ and literally launched the first official death metal band. Their music has been called an influence by such bands as Death, Sepultura, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, etc.

In summer 2019, POSSESSED are returning on the road to promote the all-new material album consisting of 12 tracks of true death metal. Co-produced by Daniel Gonzalez and executive produced by Jeff Becerra, the album was recorded at NRG studios, Titan Studios, and mixed & mastered by the likes of Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain, Bloodbath) at Abyss studios in Sweden. For the artwork, the band cooperated with a Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak (ABSU, DEICIDE, GHOST, GORGUTS, PARADISE LOST). It is with this artwork and the underlying message of the lyrics that POSSESSED hope to bring back the notion of true fear that was once associated with the idea of evil.

The current lineup includes the original founder and songwriter Jeff Becerra (Vocals), Daniel Gonzalez on guitar (Nailshitter, Gruesome), Claudeous Creamer on guitars (Dragonlord, Serpent, Girth), Robert Cardenas on bass guitar (Coffin Texts, Masters of Metal, Agent Steel, Malice, Engrave), and Emilio Marquez (Brainstorm, Sadistic Intent, Engrave, Brujeria) on drums.

“This album from start to release has been a fantastic experience. All of us in Possessed hope you enjoy this newest release and we look forward to touring and creating much more new music in the future. We appreciate all of your support and dedication. Hope to see you during our upcoming tours & shows soon. Thank you to each and every one of you for your inspiration and dedication to Possessed.”

~ In Fire & Hell ~ Jeff Becerra & POSSESSED

Do not miss the legendary return of the American death metal fathers to Europe!

The rising black metal stars NORDJEVEL will be supporting POSSESSED within the venue shows all over the tour.

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