“Black metal that avoids an overly heroic approach and retains a suitably dark ambience” – Metal Hammer UK
Bornholm formed in Hungary late 2000. The band is kinda occult/pagan/melodic black metal with symphonic touches. The bad has released a demo EP and four full-length album previously. “Awakening of the Ancient Ones” in 2002, “…On the Way of the Hunting Moon” in 2005, “March for Glory and Revenge” in 2010, Inexorable Defiance” in 2013 and “Primaeval Pantheons” in 2016.
During the “Inexorable Defiance” era the band was at Rock The Nation management and had several concerts and had the first European tour in 2013. The band played at festivals like Copenhell, Barther Open Air, Beastival and had several concerts in Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, The Netherlands.
The band was at several labels like Melancholia Records, VIC Records, Noiseart Records and Massacre Records.
The lyrical concept of the albums are around myths, secret teachings, occult prophecies and around ancient pagan/religious themes. Musically it is close to Bathory/old Satyricon/early Ulver/Dimmu Borgir but has it’s own musical world which makes the band unique.”