True legends never die. Only death is real. Hail the return of Cadaver!

Exploding back into action for the first time since 2004, founder member and deathly mastermind Anders Odden [Satyricon/Order] is back to reclaim his throne as one of Europe’s true death metal pioneers.

Emerging from the fertile maelstrom of the late ‘80s metal underground, Cadaver were among the first Norwegian extreme metal bands to gain any recognition away from their homeland. With a sound that mixed the raging brutality of Possessed and Death to a distinctly Norwegian sense of discord and disquiet, Odden and his teenage band mates secured a deal with Earache Records sub-label Necrosis and released their debut album Hallucinating Anxiety in 1990 (initially as a split with Swedish kindred spirits Carnage). A more progressive and adventurous but no less vicious follow-up, …In Pains, arrived in 1992: but for all their momentum and unique, malevolent charm, the first Cadaver line-up was ultimately doomed to disintegrate barely a year later. Nonetheless, their status as cult heroes was beyond dispute.

“In hindsight it’s easy for me to see that our age was the key issue in how things happened and how we got lost pretty fast,” says Anders. “When I later in life realised that Martin Ain was only 16 when he joined Hellhammer and then started Celtic Frost, leaving the band when he was 19, I saw my own path in his path. I was in the same position with Cadaver. I had so many ideas and wanted to do so much, but my band mates had other interests and ideas in life and I ended up being the only person in the band with an in-it-for-life attitude.”

Continually active in the metal underground, Anders was never truly willing to contemplate the end of Cadaver: in 2001, the band re-emerged as Cadaver Inc, promoting themselves as a murder scene clean-up company via what now seems a remarkably prescient online campaign. The resultant album, Discipline, brought a stripped-down, quasi-industrial edge to Anders’ trademark riffing and was widely praised for its unrelenting intensity. One further incarnation of Cadaver sprung to life in 2002, as Anders teamed up with members of black metal veterans Aura Noir to produce Necrosis, the fourth album in an increasingly warped and wicked legacy.

“It’s funny now, but yes – in 2001 we were ahead of our time – again!” Anders notes. “It seem to be my curse, but it’s great to have done all that now and to look back so far into my past, pick up where I left things and re-invent my own style. Time is a funny thing. When you’re young you think you have to do everything you want to do before you’re 25 and then before you’re 30, and so on! But when you head into your late 40s you just do not give a fuck anymore. I am in this for life and I feel like I’m outside any other timeline regarding music.”

Despite being remorselessly busy with Satyricon and numerous other projects, Anders Odden has been steadily accumulating material for a new Cadaver release for the last decade. The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when Anders forged a new friendship and artistic partnership with legendary Megadeth (and former Soilwork) drummer Dirk Verbeuren.

“In my heart I have always had the notion that Cadaver exists somehow,” Anders explains. “Dirk played session live work for Satyricon on the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise in 2014 and we got to know each other then. He talked about how much he loved Cadaver and I then told him that I had been recording demos for 10 years without a drummer – So, being the guy he is, he then says, ‘Send the songs to me!’”

The result of that impromptu collaboration is Edder & Bile – the first album from this brand new incarnation of Anders Odden’s original, extreme metal vision. Brimming with the same primal, primitive spirit that drove the band’s early works, the likes of Morgue Ritual and Let Me Burn are also full of fresh perversity and evidence of the same contrary instincts that always set Cadaver apart from their supposed peers. Vocal cameos from death metal icons Kam Lee (ex-Massacre), Jeff Walker (Carcass) and Jeff Becerra (Possessed) ensure that this crushing rebirth has underground credentials to spare.

Darker, nastier and more pulverising than anything the band have released before, Edder & Bile is the sound of a death metal diehard rediscovering the fire and fury that first converted him to heavy metal’s side. The combination of Dirk Verbeuren’s unstoppable percussive battery and Anders’ leprous screams and limitless arsenal of scything riffs is both a bloody love letter to metallic extremity /and/ a new manifesto for twisted visions yet unrealised, all conveyed with utmost sincerity and passion.

“I think I scream my heart out towards all the dark sides of life on this record – disappointment, betrayal and deceit,” Anders considers. “It’s about the human condition, our frail existence and our high hopes that will be killed by time and death at the end of it all. That may sound very sad and angry, but it’s how any man of my age will feel sometimes. In general, I feel great and making this music makes me very happy. Brutally happy.”

When it comes to his new partner-in-death, Anders has only effusive praise. Finally, after decades of searching, he has found the perfect musical foil and a heavy metal friend for life.

“Dirk is just such a great person, musician and everything else,” Anders avows. “He is a one-in-a-billion drummer and I am so honoured that he wanted to do this and to help me to achieve things I never did with Cadaver in the past. We plan to do this for the rest of our days now, regardless of other things we do. It’s just such a great partnership in music.”

Cadaver’s next move will be to reproduce their revitalised ferocity on the live stage. Once again subverting norms with pure instinct, Anders has plans to assemble a number of distinct Cadaver line-ups in different parts of the world, starting with Northern Europe but hoping to spread the word of death across the entire planet over the next few years. Meanwhile, Anders and Dirk are already working on more new material. Back with a vengeance and hell-bent on destruction, Cadaver are back in business and ready to reign.

“We are 100% free to do what we want as we control the process,” Anders concludes. “Dirk and I just went for it. It’s about being creative and just doing what you need to do. I am so grateful that he kicked me into doing this now. It so much fun doing this – more than ever. It’s all you want as an artist to enjoy just playing and creating music. Cadaver is headed where we want it to go now, and that makes me very proud of the whole thing.”