CHRONOSPHERE is an independent act out of Athens, Greece and they are delivering Red ‘N’ Roll! Their sound dwells in the fine line between heavy metal and rock n’ roll. Since their formation in 2012, they have spread their wings from their hometown, all across Europe and up to the land of the rising sun. Their 4th studio album will be released in mid-2020.

Working with top producers such as Fredrik Nordström ( At The Gates, In Flames, Opeth) and George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ, SepticFlesh) helped the band elevate their sound to the point of receiving praise from Media such as Metal Hammer, RockHard, Burrn! and many others. The last years brought them from small local club gigs to festival stages like Wacken Open Air & Metaldays and to touring with Overkill, Destruction, OnSlaught, Artillery and Suicidal Angels to name a few.

Having more than 200 shows under their belt, the band gained fans from all over the Sphere ranging from classic metalheads to young rockers who labeled CHRONOSPHERE as the next big thing. Their signature image and thunderous live performance, earned them sponsorships with Red Bull, EMG Pickups etc., sold out albums, and the will to go “ALL IN” with their 4th record.