After a couple of self-produced works and a first album (“Chaotic Age”) Embryo found its sound and went to Fear Studio to record its second cd “No God Slave” (2010) with producer Simone Mularoni. Salvatore Perrone directed 2 videos for the tracks “No God Slave” and “Flatterer Of Indifference”. This album has also received very good reviews (8/10, 10/10, 6/7….) and led the band to play new gigs in Switzerland, Germany and Italy and be part of Kung Fu Factory’s Supremacy MMA videogame soundtrack with 2 songs. After “No God Slave” the guitar player Eugenio had the honor to become Peavey endorser.
In 2014 Embryo recorded a promo at Atomic Stuff Studio with Oscar Burato and signed a promotional deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion. In May, 2014, the band recorded the new cd at Domination Studio with Simone Mularoni. Fleshgod Apocalypse’s drummer Francesco Paoli played all the drums. During the summer they played main stage at Masters of Rock, the biggest open-air festival in Czech Republic, and Total Metal Festival in Italy. In October Embryo signed a deal with logic(il)logic Records for the release of the new, self-titled, full-length album and the reissue of “No God Slave” with some bonus tracks. In December they made a little tour in Eastern Europe.
New album “Embryo” came out 10th February 2015 and the band announced the new drummer Enea Passarella. The album received great reviews worldwide and Embryo started a European tour in May with Melechesh, Keep of Kalessin and Tribulation (25 shows in 30 days crossing 11 countries). After a great show at MetalFest in Czech Republic in July the band joined Nile and Suffocation for the second part of their European tour in September obtaining a great fans response. The band has been part of the second leg of the “What Should Not Be Unearthed” Nile tour in 2016 that crossed 11 countries in 22 days with Melechesh and Mithridatic. Embryo finished the recordings of the new album in January at Domination Studios again with guru Simone Mularoni taking care of recording, mixing and mastering. The band played at 2017 edition of MetalFest in Czech Republic on Sunday, 4 June and signed a deal with Art Gates Records for the release of the 4th studio album ”A Step Beyond Divinity” that came out October 27th, 2017 in Spain and the 24th of November 2017 in the rest of the world. The album has been enthusiastically reviewed entering 2017 best albums of the year charts in various webzines all over the world. 2018 saw a new line-up change with bassist Gabriel Pignatta joining Embryo for the next live shows. In May 2019 the guitar player Eugenio had the honor to be endorsed by legendary Jackson guitars after some years of good cooperation. In November the band joined The Last Atonement 2019 European tour supporting Immolation, Ragnarok and Monuments of Misanthropy for all the shows. In December the band released a free download digital EP including the new song Misguided legacy (which gave the name to the EP itself) and three live songs taken from a live show of the band in Erba. In 2020 the famous drummer George Kollias (Nile) joined Embryo in the writing of the new album. The band just entered Domination Studio in July 2021 to record the brand new fifth album “A Vivid Shade On Misery”, once again with producer Simone Mularoni and with the help of Simone Bertozzi. More news about the release and future plans of the band are next to come so stay tuned!

The crew is diving in the depths of the sea, taken away by the mighty streams, lost and drown in madness where they can never escape. An ominous land at the border of reality. The story has been going on for centuries and shall never be forgotten.

Skaphos is the meeting of four experienced musicians who have already played in different bands. Formed in 2018, their first full length « Bathyscaphe » comes out in 2020, followed by « Thooï » in 2022. Signed with The Flaming Arts Agency, Skaphos tours in Europe with bands like MARDUK, BELPHEGOR, I AM MORBID, HATE, VADER…

Since the resumption of concerts after the Covid restrictions, the band played in sixteen countries in a year.

The exploration continues in the deepest trenches of the ocean.