A pestilent air rises from the underground, as it should. For however much black metal continues to be co-opted, commercialized, and crassly made into a (marketable) parody of itself, there exist true aesthetic terrorists with such fanatic ideology and frightening vision to keep the genre “grounded” – in the dirt, in the grime, of the soul… MERRIMACK is one such band. Having made a cult name for themselves with 2002’s Ashes of Purification debut album, their jet-black hateful chunk of metal was acclaimed by the strict core of the underground scene and the American label Moribund Records began to put out feelers in direction of Paris.Those first fruits of evil ? MERRIMACK’s “Of Entropy and Life Denial” and “Grey Rigorism”, real black metal records made with real ideology and vision that show this French fivesome flexing muscles of creativity and depravity precious few can fathom, a mesmerizing miasma that’s elusively professionalism in an underground grown too lazy. This combination of gruff Black Metal with epic song structures and post-modern sound got fabulous media critics, and the band was offered to do a 1 month tour in USA with MARDUK and NACHTMYSTIUM, which turned out to be very successful.

In summer 2011 the band came to an agreement about a co-operation with the German Metal label AFM Records.As a result, the combo enters again the boomy ‘n’ roomy caverns of Necromorbus Studio (where quality guarantees like WATAIN or FUNERAL MIST produced their sound attacks) in March 2012.

Founded in 1994, MERRIMACK belongs to the most influential, most active and authentic bands of the French black metal scene. Their upcoming album, “The Acausal Mass” bites, rages, hurts and destroys. MERRIMACK excelled themselves by introducing a milestone of orthodox and brilliant black metal, balancing malicious underground spirit and wickedly simmered maturity.