The Birthday Massacre is from Toronto, Canada. Combining their interests in various musical and artistic styles, the band has successfully accumulated an impressive international fan base, press accolades, and defied categorization with their unique sound and visuals. In the last few years, the band has been performing internationally, traveling extensively across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, the U.K., and Europe. They have become renowned for their high-energy live performances, drawing large, mixed crowds through their appeal to fans of a surprisingly wide range of genres. Equally comfortable playing intimate venues as they are on a festival stage, the band’s highly-praised performances will continue into the next year as they continue touring.

The band was formed in 1999 and independently produced and recorded their first two albums, Nothing and Nowhere and Violet. Through both of these high-demand releases, as well as their highly acclaimed and beautifully atmospheric website, the band obtained a large and loyal fan base throughout the world. Due to their independent success, in 2005 they were approached and signed by Metropolis Records and the band began its steady climb to reaching a much wider audience with the 2007 release of the acclaimed and wildly popular Walking With Strangers

Their fourth full-length album Pins And Needles, released September of 2010, landed on the Billboard Top 200 chart and in the top 10 of Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. The band toured America opening up for Otep in July and August, then in October toured the UK with fellow Canadian act Raggedy Angry. In November, they continued touring America on a co-headlining run with Black Veil Brides, along with Dommin and Aural Vampire as supporting acts. On August 4, 2011, the band released the Imaginary Monsters EP to listen to in full on their Myspace profile. Imaginary Monsters includes remixes of tracks from their 2010 album Pins and Needles, the remixes made by Combichrist, SKOLD, Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie, Tweaker, and Assemblage 23. The EP also features the video for In The Dark. On November 29, 2011, the band embarked on a small headlining tour across the Southeastern United States and on December 4, 2011, joined as the supporting act for Dir En Grey.

Hide and Seek was recorded between January and July in 2012 and was released on October 9, 2012.  The band was on tour supporting the new album through early December 2012 with William Control, Aesthetic Perfection, and Creature Feature. On October 16, 2012, Hide and Seek was released and was received warmly by fans and critics, debuting at number 138 in the Billboard 200 charts. In 2013, the band performed two shows in Russia (in Moscow and Saint Petersburg) and one at Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival. The band performed a brief tour Fall 2013, co-headlining with Emilie Autumn. In mid-2013, the band officially announced that they were working on a new album. On February 5, 2014, the band announced that their next album would partly be funded by a crowdfunding project on PledgeMusic in cooperation with their label, Metropolis Records. The project launched on February 7, 2014, offering pledgers a number of incentives and bundles in return for their support. In under 24 hours, the band was able to meet their goal. The project was the first time that fans were able to relay their thoughts and opinions with the band in regards to the album as the album’s production progresses.

On June 29, 2014, via PledgeMusic, the band’s manager Terry McManus announced the album would be released November 11, 2014, with a supporting North American tour in Fall 2014, a Brazil tour in January 2015, and a UK tour beginning February 2015. On July 30, 2014, it was revealed by the band’s manager via the band’s Facebook that the new album is called Superstition. The album was released on the pledged date of November 11.

On April 22, 2016, the band announced they would be releasing a collection of remastered tracks from the original Imagica 4-track demos. The album, titled Imagica, was released on July 22, 2016. On June 4, 2016, they opened up another PledgeMusic for an album, subsequently named Under Your Spell, that will be released “near the beginning of June” 2017. The goal was reached the same day.

On April 5, 2019, they announced on Facebook that their next album will be released in March 2020. They will use crowdfunding again in some capacity. On January 1, 2020, the band announced on Facebook that the new album will be titled Diamonds. The album will be released on March 27th, 2020, and will consist of 9 tracks.