Traumatomy is a Slamming Brutal Death Metal band from Russia/Japan. The band’s current lineup includes Chevardin Konstantin (guitar), Belov Alex (drums), Kosov Boris (bass), Haruka Kamiyama (studio vocalist) and Arsen Arzumaniyan (live vocalist). The band was founded in November 2012 by guitarist Chevardin Konstantin (Disfigurement Of Flesh/Morphogenetic Malformation) and vocalist Haruka Kamiyama (Gorevent/Medic Vomiting Pus). After one year work the German label Morbid Generation Records released debut album “Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts” which was very well appreciated by brutal heads from all over world.
Two years later a second full-length album “Monolith Of Absolute Suffering” was released by Morbid Generation Records. In November 2017 Belov Alex (drums), Kosov Boris (bass) and Arsen Arzumaniyan (live vocalist) joined the band to start actively playing shows.
In two years the band held three Europe tours, four Russia tours and one Asia tour and participate in shows like Slamming Brutality Fest, Nice to Eat You Deathfest, Deathfeast Open Air, Holsteiner Death Fest and more. The band is currently writing a new album and is actively playing shows.