When Nothing Remains is a Swedish Doom/Death Metal band containing members from bands like Nox Aurea, The Cold Existence, Rimfrost, Draconian, Doom: VS.

The idea of When Nothing Remains was born in late 2010 when Jan Sallander and Peter Laustsen wanted to create something very dark and emotional.

In beginning 2011 Jonas Toxen was added for the drum duties, and Johan Ericson “Draconian, Doom VS, Shadowgarden” to handle the clean vocals, mixing and mastering.

In middle 2011 first album “As All Torn Asunder” was recorded in Massive Assault studios and mixed/mastered in Dead Dog Farm studios with producer Johan Ericson to get the perfect sound and feeling for the music. Release is sheduled for spring 2012 on Solitude Productions. As for Nox Aurea they once again used mastermind Zoltan Horvath to paint the artwork.

First album As All Torn Asunder was released March 2012 on Russian label Solitude Productions. The debut album of the project founded by members of famous Swedish band Nox Aurea featuring guest clean vocals by Johan Ericson. «As All Torn Asunder» is 70 minutes of refined melodic doom death metal carefully composed by professional musicians who put their souls into every part of this masterpiece from arrangements to powerful sound. This album is the best present to fans of modern doom death metal in the vein of Nox Aurea and Ablaze In Hatred, as well as to fans of Swallow The Sun and Draconian!

Second album Thy Dark Serenity was released June 2013 on Russian Label Solitude Productions. The second album highly anticipated by fans of the Swedish group and melodic doom death metal in general! Johan Ericson was once again hired for clean guest vocals, and, in addition, he performed mixing and mastering of the album. Jerry thorstensson from Draconian was hired for the drum recording. Perfect sound appeared as a perfect framing to the precious stone, beautiful music of When Nothing Remains. Musicians follow the ideas of the debut album and offer to the fans the same memorable doom death, melodic, stirringly touching and infinitely elegant. For those who are not familiar with the band this album may appear as a real discovery, while those who are already inspired by their music «Thy Dark Serenity» will become another blissful touch to the soul and the heart.

The third album In Memoriam by the Swedish masters of atmospheric doom death metal features everything the band is loved for: melodic compositions decorated with catchy guitar solos and atmospheric keyboards, with a harmonious blend of Peter Laustsen and Jan Sallander on clean vocals and Jans emotional growl. At the same time, the symphonic sound is now the key element, which gives the material a special expression, epic and originality.

Conceptually, the artwork of the CD completes the story told in the previous two albums, the tragic story of love, life and death, begun in 1800.

In 2019 the band took a break to focus on other things in life. But under the pandemic new ideas started come to life, The band has so much more to offer to the fans.

In 2021 the band is back with a strong line up, with the addition of Matthias Jaselius from The Cold Existence, and Dimitri is back again behind the drums.

A new album is planned to be released during 2022 on Metal Age Productions.

Jan Sallander – Guitars ( song writing/ arrangements). Lead Vocals, Keyboards. ( Only vocals Live ).

Peter Laustsen – Lead Guitar, Writing, Arrangements.

Dimitri Jungi – Drums.

Matthias Jaselius – Rythm Guitar.

Bass – TBA.