The Netherlands’ GOD DETHRONED has been a name to be reckoned with in the worldwide metal scene ever since metalheads got the first taste of their devastating blackened death metal with THE CHRISTHUNT demo (1991) and album (1992). A long list of legendary albums followed such as THE GRAND GRIMOIRE, BLOODY BLASPHEMY, RAVENOUS and many more. 

GOD DETHRONED’s most recent album ILLUMINATI features the band’s signature hellfire-scorched Blackened Death Metal, drenched in a dark and demonic atmosphere. The album also marks the conclusion of their decades long collaboration with METAL BLADE RECORDS.

Now, The Hermetic Order of the Serpent King makes a new step forward in their 30+ year career by signing with ATOMIC FIRE RECORDS. 

To fortify this collaboration, new single ‘ASMODEVS’ was released upon humanity on Dec 2, 2022. A brand new, thrilling music video accompanies this beast. And this will not nearly be the last you will hear and see of The Serpent King’s GOD DETHRONED!

VIEW & STREAM ‘ASMODEVS’ through https://goddethroned.lnk.to/asmodevsPR.

A new album is due for release by the festival season of 2024, preceeded with 3 singles/videos starting mid April, which will create a lot of buzz around the band even months before the actual release.

Stay tuned for all upcoming news around the new album, but also the give away of the Serpent King’s personal collection of God Dethroned shirts that were released throughout the decades, including the first editions of shirts that were printed in 1991!


Territory: Europe

Agent contact: info@theflamingarts.eu