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IGNEA is a Ukrainian melodic metal band that mixes heavy riffs with symphonic, electronic, and folk elements, creating a powerful OST-like experience. Every release is backed by heavy story-telling, making their art more than just music. 

In the beginning of their career, IGNEA was the first Ukrainian metal band to release an original song with the full symphonic orchestra Alga — a hymn named after the battle cry of Crimean Tatars who are defending their land, released after the Crimea annexation. The video for the song now counts nearly 10 million views. 

According to the national awards The Best Ukrainian Metal Act, the band’s second album The Realms of Fire and Death has been selected as the metal album of the year and IGNEA has been named the best Ukrainian metal band of 2020. This album has been fully funded by the band’s patrons at the Patreon platform.

After touring Europe several times, and releasing 2 LPs and 2 EPs independently, IGNEA won quite a big support from fans from all over the world and ended up signing with one of the biggest metal labels — Napalm Records.

Despite the full-scale war, the band managed to release a full-length album in 2023 dedicated to the Ukrainian travel writer and photographer Sofia Yablonska, play multiple charity shows in Ukraine, and embark on a EU/UK tour with the legendary Fear Factory, playing 43 shows within 2 months.

IGNEA also proudly serves as cultural ambassadors for Ukraine, diligently raising awareness about the country’s ongoing situation among their international fanbase. Their recent performance at ESNS, Europe’s biggest showcase festival, further solidifies their status, alongside eagerly anticipated appearances at Wacken, Summer Breeze, and Bloodstock Open Air. Additionally, IGNEA was just announced for selected club shows this summer as they lend their support to the esteemed Cradle of Filth.


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